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SpeshFX is the first longform podcast about the international beatboxing community. SpeshFX tells the story of beatboxing, from Boots 'n' Cats to Lip Rolls. It takes you along the journey from discovery to obsession, and deep into the beatboxing community. Hear from world champion beatboxers, national champion beatboxers, beatbox community leaders, beatboxers' moms, and more. If it's beatboxing, SpeshFX has it. 

Tani Levitt is the host, producer, and creator of SpeshFX. Though he still claims he is not a beatboxer, you are likely to find him making spit snares while he walks down the street. A graduate of the University of Maryland College Park, Tani recently completed the Stony Brook Audio Podcasting Fellowship. Tani also writes about sports and beatboxing (and whatever else is on his mind at the moment). He is particularly proud of his article about the 2018 Beatbox Battle World Championship: Legends of Box.



Natan Glahn is the Marketing and Social Media Intern for SpeshFX. He is currently at the University of Maryland studying fire protection engineering. He plans to use this degree in the future to do work with practical effects in movies and television.

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