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Episode 0

SpeshFX is the first longform podcast about beatboxing ever to hit the airwaves. From boots 'n' cats to lip rolls, SpeshFX has it all. Check out battles, colabs, mainstream crossovers, and a whole lotta love.



The Orthobox: Aight, here we go


[swingy beat in 4/4 by The Orthobox]


Tani: Every once in a blue moon you hear something out of the ordinary. Something different.


MTS: [~Music~ I, Love, Beatboxing. ~Music~]


Tani: And when you do... you need more.


[Three different beatboxing beats by Yona Levitt, State Street, and Trung Bao]


The Orthobox: I just heard them and I was like, 'if they can do it I gotta be able to do it.' and i just kinda got started


[returns to swingy beat in 4/4 by The Orthobox]


Tani: I am Tani Levitt, and this is SpeshFX: a podcast about the wonder of beatboxing. I’m gonna take you from the first moment of discovery, straight into the beatboxing community, and deep into obsession. Just like it happened to me.

Tani: Experience the magic firsthand


Trung Bao: You speak music. it's like a superpower, you know? you speak music.


Tani: But without the dangers


[Music cuts out. Tires Screeching]


The Orthobox: If you want me to beatbox, and if you want me to beatbox well. Realize that you guys are in the splash zone.


[spittoon sound]


[music returns]


Tani: Hear from the weirdest, sweetest, mouth fartiest community of people you will ever meet. World Champion beatboxers. National Champion Beatboxers. Beatboxing Moms and Community organizers. I've got all of them and more.


Tani: You can find SpeshFX wherever you get your podcasts.

SpeshFX: explore the impossible.


Fade out.

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